Man bun with beard

Man bun with beard

Did you think that the bun was just the stuff of women? In reality, there are many men with beard and bun (who wear their hair long and they decide to bring them bound into a mini bun).

The hairstyle called Man Bun, will be very trendy this year, and would recommend that in many occasions, from the most formal to the most every day. You like. Moreover, I love the man with long hair.

While women…

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How to fix dry hair?

How to fix dry hair?

Dry hair is fragile and requires special care. To find a soft and silky hair, here is our advice. Why your hair is dry? When the sebaceous glands of the scalp do not secrete enough sebum, hair becomes dry and brittle. They are no longer protected against external aggressions.

Many external factors can also alter the nature of hair:

- Overuse of the hair dryer use
– Blow drying
– Stains or permanent

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How to get rid of greasy hair?

How to get rid of greasy hair?

Your hair is greasy, oily and without vitality? To get rid of greasy hair and restore lightness to your hair, there are solutions. Here are some tips how to get rid of greasy hair.

Why your hair is greasy?

Oily hair due to frequent disruption of the sebaceous glands that secrete sebum on the scalp. If imbalanced, this natural fatty substance, usually responsible for protecting the hair, is…

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17 Most likely Jessica Alba hairstyles

17 Most likely Jessica Alba hairstyles

Jessica Alba hairstyles are unmistakable, perfect hair. The actor is known for on the red carpet, not only for its impeccable beauty, but also chic hair – such locks would proud of every girl! Jessica watching carefully and care of hair, in order to surprise the audience and fans yet another stunning way. She loves wavy curls and does not neglect the natural flowing hair at home or on the red…

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61 Wonderful ballerina bun with some easy tutorials for how to do

61 Wonderful ballerina bun with some easy tutorials for how to do

Many of ballerina bun you can do in the home without having heading constantly with the hairdresser. How do you make a ballerina bun? to begin with, I will talk of your bun and the varied techniques and various cover pattern knit which you could produce this seem.

ballerina bun tips

This hairstyle is inspired by the beautiful ballerinas, If you like the simple but stylish hairstyles, ballerina bunis appropriate…

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